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Valentine Heart Cut

Slightly rounder  than  a  traditional  heart  cut,  with  a  height  that  is  approximately  20%  more than its width, the Valentine Cut is a very  romantic  cut  that  was  designed  for  use  with  Diamonds  but  works  brilliantly  with  coloured  gemstones. 

The cut can be applied to either a heart or pear  shaped gem and the table of the gem appears to  look like a shield. The romantic in me believes  that if you give someone a piece of jewellery  with  a  Valentine  Heart  Cut  gem,  you  tell  the  recipient that the gem has been cut to shield and  protect their heart.

All of the facets on the crown and pavilion are  triangular in shape and when our team produce  the cut we tend to leave a higher proportion of  the total gem in the crown than is normal with  heart and pear cuts as we have found that,  with the Valentine Heart Cut, this brings out the best  in a gem’s brilliance and dispersion.

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