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Here at Gem Collector, you will find the world’s largest online selection of loose gemstones including some of the finest cuts and carat weights. Featuring high-quality, well-cut and well-priced stones, Gem Collector is the ideal place for gem enthusiasts, collectors, traders and jewellers. In the UK, Gem Collector broadcasts live from 6pm to 11pm every day on most major networks: Sky channel 670, Freeview channel 73 and Freesat channel 807.

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You can stream all of our channels - Gems TV, Lifestyle and Gem Collector - from where ever you are in the world via the live auction page on our website which also includes pre-order and just missed items.

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Our app allows you to watch and bid on Gemporia, Outlet and Gem Collector auctions no matter where you are. It also keeps track of your precious jewellery collection, and you can even use it to check your ring size. You can download the Gemporia Jewellery Auctions app now for your iOS and Android devices.

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Prefer the TV experience but would like the interaction of the app? With our Apple TV, Android TV and Roku apps you can have both!

Pair your device with your account and you can use your remote control to buy our genuine gemstone jewellery.