A Day in the Life of Emily Fox

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You may have seen her on your screen at home, but her day doesn't stop there! 

Emily Fox has been a presenter on GemCollector for over five years now, and no two days are the same for her! She presents live from 6pm to 11pm daily, but what about the work that collectors and viewers don't see? 

Emily's daily schedule packs a lot into it. Read about her typical day below for a deeper insight into the life of Emily Fox. 

Due to her evening presenting hours, Emily's working day usually ranges from 10 am to 11 pm. 

Emily Fox


10 am 

Emily's day begins with giving her dog, Barney, his breakfast. Emily's 'Barney Bear' is her best friend, and she always likes to start her day by giving him all the attention and affection she can. 

Next, it's time to get to work! She starts by reviewing her GemCollector planner to see the day's shows, checking her emails, and prioritising a to-do list. 


11 am 

At this point in the day, Emily will ensure that the gemstones for sale have arrived to be showcased before scheduling them for her planned show hours. Emily is meticulous about which gemstones she chooses to present and always considers what her viewers and collectors will want to see the most. 

12 pm 

After Emily has planned her show, she will choose her daily 'star buys'. She says these will be "something super special, great value and a few in quantity for everyone to get involved". 

Unsurprisingly, Emily has a love for all gemstones! But a few of her favourites include Amber and Kunzite.

Loose gemstone 

1 pm

Once she has all the gemstones, Emily will put them in a specific order. This way, she has a 100% detailed plan for every hour of her show, allowing customers to shop incredibly easily. 

2 pm 

After Emily finalises her schedule, she will inform the studio teams of the gemstones that will be showcased so they can be delivered and ready for her to present. 

Then, she will spend any remaining time posting sneak peeks of the show on her social media platforms. 


3 pm 

After five hours of work, it's time to walk Barney! 

Emily Makeup

4 pm 

Back home, Emily begins to get ready for her show. She will jump straight into her hair and makeup, which she enjoys doing at home at the dressing table, which she inherited from her grandmother. 

She will also pick her outfit for the day, choosing colours that coordinate with one of the big gemstone unveilings of her show—plus matching jewellery, of course! According to Emily, her mum used to say, "If all else fails, stay coordinated," and it's a mantra she continues to live by.

GemCollector Studio

5 pm

At this time, Emily will drive to the studio and set it up ready to go live. She will set up the cameras, turn on the equipment, attach her microphone, and collect the gemstones she had ordered earlier in the day. 

6 pm to 11 pm  

Emily is live! For the next five hours, she will be on your screen showcasing some of the world's finest gemstones to add to your collection. 

Emily Fox

11 pm  

After a jam-packed show, Emily will immediately end her working day by turning off everything in the studio and driving home. 

12 am to 2 am  

Finally, home after a long working day, Emily uses this time to wind down and snuggle up on the sofa with her Barney Bear, before heading to bed ahead of another working day tomorrow.

Loose Gemstone

As you can see, Emily's days are rather busy! But they say that when you do a job you love, you never work a day in your life - and that is precisely how Emily feels on a day at GemCollector. Presenting has always been her passion, and she has had a longstanding love for jewellery. So, being able to combine her two favourite things is something Emily is grateful for every day. 

To catch Emily live on GemCollector, watch the channel from 6 pm to 11 pm daily. 

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